About Us

As importers and manufacturers we specialise in AR-15 and AK platform rifles and accessories.

We stock a range of rifles, AR-15's from SIG, Aero Precision, Anderson Manufacturing, Stag Arms, DPMS and others, as well as AK platform rifles from Saiga and Norinco and others .

We have an extensive range of magazines from Magpul, Hexmag, Tapco, Siaga and others as well as an extensive inventory of spare parts to customise your rifle.

Our Custom Shop can modify your Saiga, and specialises in 'trigger forward' and stock replacements, and feed ramp modifications to allow you to use standard AK magazines.

And we offer handguns, MSSA's and restricted weapons for the collector and other Endorsement Holders. 

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Phone: +649 535 1567 New Zealand

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