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A Category Items (Standard and Sporting configured firearms) 


Items in this section are intended for sale for use with A category, non semi automatic rifles and shotguns, such as the Mossberg MVP, Troy Pump Action and Remington Chassis Systems, Straight Pull Saiga, NHM-90 and other AK platforl rifles, as well as airsoft, replica guns and crossbows.


While they may fit and function with other makes and models, they are not sold or supplied for use with semi automatic rifles.


Warning : If these items are being purchased for inclusion on to, or with, an "A Category" semi automatic firearm, this will change it’s configuration from an A Category to an E Category MSSA firearm that requires a special endorsement.

You may be subject to a police prosecution.

 If your intention is to use anything in this category in conjunction with a semi automatic rifle or shotgun, you should ensure that the firearm is 'registered' as an E Category firearm before making your purchase.

If it is not, you can apply through your nearest Arms Officer on Form POL67X to have an endorsement made for the firearm in question.


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